I founded Advent Medical Systems in 1988 with the concept of providing health care professionals with personalized service and greater product choices. When I represented a single company, I realized I was often selling what the company wanted to sell, and not necessarily what the professionals wanted for their patients.

            Advent Medical Systems distributes products from more than 100 companies. Since many of our suppliers overlap in product development, we can offer much greater depth in selection.  We maintain a large inventory, and provide same-day shipping on all stock items.  We don't close for the day until the last order is out. This assures you of next day delivery and immediate supply. Our service will permit you to reduce your inventory and "urgent" freight expenses.

            Since 1988 we have forged a reputation for honesty and reliability. We are committed to our customers, and we're capable of great flexibility.  Advent Medical Systems delivers the best value for your resources.  Browse through our catalog and call us, toll free, at 1-800-598-5420.  Like the piano player who said, "If you can hum it, I can play it"; if you're looking for a product you don't see, tell us-we'll find it for you.



Thom Riddel


Advent Medical Systems

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